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What IS burly Q

Burly Q.  Intelligent. Witty. And provocative in all the right ways.

Blurring the boundaries between burlesque, cabaret, comedy and circus, Burly Q is new variety at it’s most vibrant.  Indulge in a unique evening of award-winning, internationally acclaimed, headlining performers - it’s time to dress up, step out and expect the unexpected.

“If you’ve never been to a burlesque night, I urge you to do so – and Burly Q is as good as it gets… what you’ll ultimately get is a grin from ear to ear and a night you’ll not stop talking about.” Exposed magazine

Burly Q is a night that grew from humble beginnings, with the desire to give Northern fans the best possible burlesque and cabaret experience. We are now very proud to have produced 19 sell out shows over the last 4 years, which have played host to some of the most exciting and critically acclaimed acts in the UK. Burly Q is excited by burlesque- a genre that is constantly evolving, defies definition, and isn't limited by rules and conventions. We are proud to support innovation and invest in the highest quality of professional performers. We consider ourselves an evening with both brains and balls.

Burly Q takes place in an all- seated, cabaret style venue. Each ticket guarantees a reserved table seat with an unrestricted view of the raised stage.

Burly Q books the very best international, award- winning, headlining performers from throughout the U.K. A comprehensive list of past performers can be found below. Click on the links below to see live footage from Burly Q.

We are currently taking a break from our regular shows- please use the contact link to be added to our mailing list.

Full list of previous performers at Burly Q:

Alexandra Hoftgartner
Amber Topaz
Amelie Soleil
Anna Fur Laxis

Audacity Chutzpah
Audrey Hepkat

Aurora Galore
Banbury Cross
Beatrix Von Bourbon
The Bees Knees 

Bettina Spankenhaus

Bettsie Bon Bon
Betty Brawn

British Heart

Cat Aclysmic
Cherry Shakewell
Chocolat The Extraordinaire
Chris Cross

Crimson Skye
Daiquiri Dusk

Dave The Bear
Diva Hollywood

Dinah Might 

Dolly Rose 

Domino Barbeau
Earl Okin

Edd Muir

Elliot Mason
Em Brulee/ The Do- Rite Trio
Fanny Divine

Frayed Knot Circus

Fred Bear
Ginger Hayworth

The Great Aziz
Gypsy Charms

Hells Belle

Honey Wilde

Hotcake Kitty
Impressive Johnson

Jonathan Finch
Kiki Kaboom

Kiki Lovechild 

Kitty Bang Bang
Lada Redstar
Laurie Hagen
Leggy Pee

Lexi Sexx

Leyla Rose

Liberty Sweet
Lilly Laudanum
Lottie L’Etoile

Mia Merode aka Dani California 

Milie Dollar

Madame Mango

Mamzelle Dotty

Marianne Cheesecake

Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer
Ms. Peversity Lurks

Misster Blanche Dubois

Missy Malone

Mysti Vine
Ooh La Lowrie
Peggy De Lune
Penny Dreadful

Pippa The Ripper

Pixie Le Knot
Red Sarah

Sarah Louise Young 

Scarlett Daggers
Sherry Trifle
Shirley Windmill
Slice ‘n’ Dice Circus

Sofire Rosa

Tallulah T’ Asselle

Tricity Vogue

Velma Von Bon Bon

Vendetta Vain

Vicky Butterfly

Want to join this list? Burly Q welcomes submissions from performers but please note that we prefer details of your website and links to any videos of your performances in addition to a C.V. and promotional images. If you would like to contact us please use the contact form.

Previous shows index

Burly Q #26, 'La Bal Du Burly Q', Sheffield City Hall Ballroom

Burly Q #25, 'Moonlight and magic winter ball, Sheffield City Hall Ballroom

Museum Sheffield Late Live Season, Graves Art Gallery, 16th November 2013

Burly Q #24, Queens Social Club, 21st September 2013

'Everything stops for Q', Lantern Theatre, 13th July 2013

Burly Q #22, 'Midsummer madness', Queens Social Club

Burly Q #21, 'Queens of burlesque', Queens Social Club

Burly Q #20, 4th Birthday Show, Sheffield City Hall Memorial Hall




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