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Welcome to BurlyQ

Ever feel like you were born in the 'wrong era?'

Want to dance to vintage music in a retro style, but hate the idea of dancing with a partner? (or find that you always want to lead?!)

The word 'exercise' make you feel queasy, but still want all the benefits of staying fit and being active? (if possible without having to wear lycra?!)

Love the idea of learning to dance but think that classes might be too 'serious' or you would worry about getting it 'right?'


Whether you want to shake your tailfeather or find your happy feet Charleston a Go-Go! has the retro dance craze class for you!


Inspired by the flapper girls of the 1920s to the shimmy shaking go-go dancers of the 60s, our upbeat, high energy dance classes guarantee fun, fitness, and the chance to learn some of the most iconic dance moves of all time! Whether you want to know how to pony like Bony Maronie, or learn your bunny hop from your bees knees, we’re excited to share our love of vintage dance styles and enthusiasm for escapism with people of all ages and abilities.




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